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It’s been a while since we last updated Jacky. A lot of work has been done behind the scene and we are very excited to get everyone’s feedback and bug reports for this new version (Not that we get excited from bug reports or anything…). You can as always purchase your Jacky at every Jacky© Store. There is supposed to be one in every major City in Europe and the United States. Also you can buy one by Donating to my paypal account.

Changes and improvements:

  • Improved Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Latin, Italian and Spinach
  • New Feature: Choose your hairstyle, in update 1.9 we gave Jacky some hair. With this new update you can choose between 6 different hairstyles (Exotic, Wild, Flat, Emo, Punk, Barbie). It takes at least 3 hours of sleep for it to be adjusted. You can also take your Jacky to some of our ‘Partners in Hairstyle’. For a few J$ck$’s, you can choose any hairstyle from the Jacky’s Hairstyle Catalogue.
  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Added Friends list
  • Drastically reduced the need for soft drinks, a Jacky can now survive for at least a week without any soft drinks and 2 weeks if you just give him Red Jackull.
  • The chance of your Jacky getting broke has also been reduced. This was actually a hard one as the old Jackys were known for spending an awesome lot of your money on things such as: 5.1 Surround systems, pencil Crayons and the Coca Cola Company.
  • Social Interaction has been improved.
  • Updated the list of interests.
  • Reduced ‘Fear during moshpits’
  • Jacky will now remember the birthday of his parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and grandparents.
  • New Feature: We added a few smell detectors to the nostril zone so Jacky will automatically detect bad smells on himself and/or other Jacky’s and even real persons. When he detects bad smells coming from himself he will try to take care of them by: Taking a shower, Brushing his Jackyteeth© , Putting on new clothes, Stop sleeping with your dog.
  • Reduced smelliness of farts by 20% and decreased farting rate with 25%
  • You can let your Jacky listen to any kind of music you want. (Everything except techno and Industrial, we find it inappropriate for any person/Jacky to listen to that kind of crap)
  • Added new clothes to the wardrobe.
  • Added new library of Safety tips and Regulations to the internal memory so he will be able to drive safer and get rid of your toxic waste more efficient, he will also care more about the environment.

Known Issues

  • Sexual Interaction with your Jacky is still limited to Female Users only !
  • Jacky will still freak out about any number somehow related to 23
  • He might still act a little awkward in some Social Situations, but don’t worry: He’ll survive.
  • Jacky still can’t get along with people called ‘Kevin’ or ‘Kenny’.
  • If you overload his stomach with different kinds of alcohol, he might puke…

Of course this update is completely free of charge.
Please sumbit your bugs and features request in the comment Section.

Thank you,
The Jacky Team


Status Quo ❤

Australian Pink Floyd Show

It was teh awesome

Flock !

Flock !

I recently (this morning) discovered Flock, a new browser promoted for having a shit load of Social Media and networking features. It’s built on “the award winning browser, Firefox (firefox 3 since the latest beta)”.
I’m using the 2nd beta since this morning and it’s actually the reason why I started a blog here.

It has everything Firefox 3 has + It integrates nicely into today’s most popular Social Networking sites.
All plugins that work on Firefox 3 also work for Flock (Mouse Gestures Redox ❤). The GUI is rather nice as well with some fancy gray’ish gradients.

The only downside I see is that when you open the media bar and the sidebar, it takes up a huge amount of screen space.

I Flock

Gisteren met een hoopje schorriemorrie naar de Lokerse Feesten gegaan. Ik was eerst van plan om naar de Sterfeesten te gaan. Maar heb me dan ‘s morgens bedacht om een of andere duistere reden. Er speelden 4 groepen. Van geen enkele groep was ik eigenlijk een fan, maar uiteindelijk viel alles behalve The Buzzcocks best goed mee.

Avond was best geslaagd: Maandag terug ;D
Op de weg naar huis nog tegengehouden door de flikken omdat ik zonder licht reed, 50 euro boete 😦

Tought i’d start a blog. The feeling of starting a blog had been itching for a few months now.
I have no idea yet what I will post here. Probably a shit load of youtube movies and some pictures or some totally awesome random things that happen in my life.